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Living Young Alaska. What is the secret to a long healthy life? Keep Living! If you want to live a long healthy life stay active - keep living - go to Alaska. Living Young Alaska

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Spacious 2500+/- square feet home in Arizona with walls up to 14” thick with views of the mountains surrounding the property and view of the Maricopa Valley to the North. This home is on 1.64 acres and it has a four car - or, two car and an RV, Coach, Motor Home or Bus - 13’ tall carport. Trees and cacti includes Saguaros, Barrel, ironwood, Palo Verde, Palm and more.

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Have you ever wanted your own business on the main highway coming into Alaska from Canada? You can have your own pawn shop, gift shop, tavern and cafe, RV Park, fuel and convenience store or any other business. You could have one of these or all of these - the choice is yours. Year round or seasonal.

Do you want to do some serious Gold Mining in Alaska? Over 2000 acres of mining claims just waiting to be mined and they’re located on a belt of mineral deposits starting with Pebble to the SW and continuing N to the Chisna area and swinging SE toward the Nabesna Mine and Gold Hill.

Beautiful 1.36 acre parcel in Sunny Arizona - just 33 miles South of Phoenix by 4 lane highway through Maricopa - with all utilities. Water, Sewer, underground Phone and Electric already installed to a perfect construction site on the parcel. Horses, kids, garden and dogs (cats too) welcome.

Alaska Gemstone Claim, Jewels and Jewelry, Rocks, Crystal, Diamonds, Topaz, Ruby, Opal, Amethyst, Gold, Silver, Gemstones - Natures Gems and Jewels

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Is that a “Keep Away” growl on our porcupines face - or a grin?

Once you pan the gold out of this paydirt you will growl “Keep Away” and “Grin” because of the gold you recovered.

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There are A Million Things To Do In Alaska and Places To See. One can never see them all in a lifetime but you could start by looking at every city and village in Alaska and finding the Adventures you have been dreaming about. Planning and visualizing our dreams can make them become a reality. Click the Photo of Alaska on the left FOR A FREE ALASKA ADVENTURE or click Here


Porcupine Creek ALASKA FREE

Porcupine Creek ALASKA FREE

Gold Claim

Free Testing (Prospecting) on the claim 1 week or all summer: go to FREE Alaska Adventures

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FREE Prospecting for one week or all summer: *How it works: 1. Sign the documents; 2. Go prospecting; 3. Bring us samples; 4. Decide if you want to prospect longer or do larger mining. It’s that simple.* *You will need to give us the signed documents and then show up with your small mining equipment (6” dredge or smaller) and supplies and go to the claims and start prospecting for one week. At the end of one week you must bring us the bagged and labeled samples and required Miners Logs, royalty, coordinates and photos of the testing sites. If you have complied with the terms of the agreement we will, most likely, allow prospecting all summer long one week at a time. Any time you decide that you would like to mine a site with small mining equipment you will need our approval. When you decide that you would like to mine the site with larger motorized equipment we will require a new agreement which will allow you to do so after you have received the permits to mine. If you would like us to assist you with the permitting process we will.

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